Have You Considered These Fun Activities To Do In Chiang Mai?

We all love traveling, don’t we? Sure as much, you must be making plans for your next trip out to explore what might be beyond the normalcy around you. So, I only have one question; ever heard of Chiang Mai treks? You can concur with me that Chiang Mai beholds such breathtaking beauty and more than enough fun activities to do and fill your bucket list for a lifetime. Without a proper schedule, you can’t hope to do it all in time.

Fun activities to do in Chiang Mai

Set your sight on Doi Suthepsdsfsdfs

The fun starts in the city itself, and one of the best activities you can ever hope to do here is visiting this temple dating years back from the Lanna culture. Did you know it’s named after the famous mountain in the same place it is located? Yep, Doi Suthep

It is considered one of the most spiritual places in Chiang Mai and it has a tremendous historical background that attracts tourists, both foreign and local, who wish to enjoy and get the feel of the magical aura of the holy place.

Visit Wat Chedi Luang

Also at the center of Chiang Mai is yet another historical temple that has years of reputation to its name. Originally, though, the grounds on which it stands once were the home of three such temples. This Buddhist monument, however, takes you back to the reign of King Saen Muang Ma and its tremendous height adds to the fabulous skyline of the city, Chiang Mai.

Don’t forget the Chiang Msfsdfdsfsai Zoo

Ah, yes. Chiang Mai Zoo. 200 acres of land and hosts over 400 species of animals. That should be enough to get you interested. That, and, its ideal location, which is just at the foothills of the great mountain Doi Suthep itself. That only gives you a breathtaking view of, the city of Chiang Mai.

Add the vast and wonderful wildlife exhibit you are sure to get a taste of and you have one of the most fun activities to do in Chiang Mai. You can also take a walk through the zoo’s freshwater aquariums and aviary.

These are just a few of the activities that are well worth your time. You can also ride in a tuk-tuk, exchange a few words with a monk, bathe a Thai elephant, get a massage from an inmate, or take a Thai cooking session. Get a proper schedule set. There are many fun activities to do in Chiang Mai.


A Review of the Best Hiking Watches 2016

If you are thinking about going hiking anytime soon, then you need to know that there are some accessories that you shouldn’t miss with you. These accessories are important because they will determine your performance in that hike and will help you be on the forefront at all times. A trekking hiking watch is the most important of these accessories, and you do need one if you are going hiking. A lot of people don’t bring this watch along because they think their regular watch is enough but this isn’t always the case. The hiking watch has features that are equipped to handle the time that you will, be spending there.

Best watches

The Suunto Ambit3 Peak GPS Heart Rate Monitorsedfsdfsdfs

This one of the top hiking watches that you will find on the market because of the features that it boasts of. With 100M water resistance feature that means you can take a dive in it and you still wouldn’t have anything to worry about.

It also has a 30-day battery life so you won’t have to worry about it going off while you are still there. It has weather functions so that you can know what to expect on that day, has a GPS as well so you never get lost and a heart rate monitoring function for your sake.

Casio PRW-3500T-7 makes it to the review of the best hiking watches 2016

This is another hiking timepiece that is worth your every penny. It comes with a solar power so that you never have to worry about the battery. With atomic timekeeping as well, you never have to worry about the time being affected by the altitude that you are in.

It also poses a digital compass that has a bearing memory so that you can never get lost while there. It also has an altimeter, barometer, and thermometer so that you can know what temperatures you are venturing into.

Garmin Fenix 3etwerwrwer

This is another hiking watch that surely deserves to be on your wrist when you go out there. Has a water resistance up to a depth of 100M so you can take a dive without taking it off your wrists.

It boasts of a rechargeable battery so that you can always plug it when the power runs out. It also has other features like advanced fitness metrics, running dynamics features as well as an Omni-directional steel EXO antenna.