What is the Best Time to Travel to Thailand Phuket


Phuket is a holiday destination in Thailand that is all year round meaning that one can make a visit to it at any time of the year.

There are various times of the year that can be considered the best to travel to Phuket and this has to be during the “dry season”.

During this season Phuket enjoys fine weather which attracts tourists in hordes. However, it is important to note that Phuket has three seasons that are distinct namely hot, dry and rainy.

The temperatures hardly vary from one month to the other and therefore the best time to travel there depends on an individual’s preferences and budget.

The big question that anyone planning to visit this great holiday destination asks themselves is what is the best time to travel to Thailand Phuket?

Below are some well analyzed weather statistics that can help you decide the best month to book a holiday in Phuket:

Peak Seasonthailand-738141_1920

Monsoon winds begin shifting and flowing towards the northeast thus bringing temperatures that are cool from the months of November to February.

This is the driest and sunniest period in Phuket making it the peak season for visitors.

The seas are calmer, blue skies are experienced and the beaches are always crowded during this period of time.

The accommodation prices are also at their peak especially from mid-December to around mid-January.

Hottest Months

The months of March, April and also May are the hottest months in Phuket and the days get uncomfortably sticky and hot.

These months coincide with the school holidays in Thai and the locals always escape the harsh weather by flocking the town or shopping centers.

If you plan to visit Phuket in between these months you should go for an air-conditioned room or a resort that has a pool.

There are also some light rain showers that come but do not last for long.

panning-1139289_1920Off Peak Season

The months of June all through to August usually bring some relief from the harsh heat due to the southwest monsoon winds.

These winds come with rains that cool the area. The rainfall is characterized by short bursts leaving more sunny days for you to enjoy.

During the months of July and August there are few people on holiday and therefore most guesthouses and hotels offer massive discounts.

This makes it the best time to travel to Thailand Phuket especially for visitors operating on a tight budget.

Photographers will also love visiting Phuket during this period due to the island being fresher and greener.

The light is also more interesting and varied as well as the skies being livelier.